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Fly is a new idea of bathroom furniture, studied in order to meet everyone’s dimensional needs.

Fly was born as a modular furniture of a very high aesthetic impact: the various central elements can give birth to many combinations.

Six finishes (three gloss lacquers and three woods) and ten different marble-tops (for over counter and recessed washbasins) let the furniture be unique for its wide choice.

Components - Technical Drawings and Measurements

measures en centimeters

Washbasin base units

Lateral base unit

Tall units

Wall-mounted units

Wall mirrors

LED backlit mirrors

Mirror cabinets

Chromed LED light sets

Complete ceramics washbasins

Mineralmarmo washbasins

Glass washbasins

Mineralmarmo recessed washbasins

Marble tops for recessed washbasin 45 cm

Marble tops for recessed washbasin 58 cm

Set of 4 chromed legs

Hair dryer holder

Tooth mug holder + 2 glasses