Environments Bali


Bali is a new concept of bathroom furniture, designed to satisfy every type of size. The wide choice of finishes for furniture, washbasins and marble tops, gives complete freedom to create the bathroom composition suitable for any need. The open compartments, the profile handle, the top and the quartz washbasin make the entire series elegant and minimalist.

Components - Technical Drawings and Measurements

measures en centimeters

Washbasin base units


Open compartments

Tall unit

Wall-mounted units

Top finishing

Wall mirror

LED backlit mirrors

Chromed LED light sets

Acrylic washbasins

Pair brackets for acrylic washbasin H.10 cm

Quartz washbasin

Complete ceramics washbasins

Mineralmarmo washbasins

Mineralmarmo recessed washbasins

Marble top with measure to choose

Towel bar